Make agreements, try systems out, revise as needed.

Most householders would agree that there is LOTS to do around the house to keep it clean, safe, and healthy.

Depending on how many people live in your collective house you’ll find different systems that work for you.

Often houses will use a combination of chore systems simultaneously to meet the needs of different kinds of chores.

A Variety of Chore Systems:

1. Rotating Chores. Perhaps you use a weekly chore-wheel system, or a daily check-list. This means together as a house you decide what chores need to be done, and then take turns doing them, rotating responsibility every day, every week, every time the chore gets done, or less frequently.

See an Example of Rotating Chores, from the Technicolor Tree Tribe

2. More Permanent Chores. More Permanent Chores are based on the idea that people have preferences about what they like to contribute. Residents choose chores that they’ll do for several months, or even for years.

Some people think that if you do a chore regularly then you know what’s involved and how to do it well. Also, working at something over a longer period of times allows a continuity so you may develop skills in a particular area.

Two variations of Permanent Chores.
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3. Regular Work Gatherings. Daily, weekly or monthly everyone in the house comes together to contribute energy towards house maintenance and cleaning. Both the Beehive Collective House and the Technicolour Tree Tribe have regular work gatherings. The Beehive has Work Bees, and the TTT has Cleaning Parties.

4. Hire an external cleaner. Yes, some houses do this particularly for cleaning, although there will still be lots of things that residents are expected to contribute on a daily basis.

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