Coordinating Meals

Flexiblity is key! simple sign-up systems make it work

Organizing who is cooking and who is eating may seem like a huge task, but flexible sign-up systems mean that personal schedules can change week by week with minimal interruption to the flow of delicious food in your house.

Repeating Cook Night: Some houses have solved this complexity by designating a repeating cook night for each person in the house. Works for: people who have regular schedules. As a cook, your night of the week is determined at a house meeting, and typically applies for a few months to even years.

Cook Nights sign-up: Monthly a house member posts a schedule where everyone signs up for a determined number of cook nights. This works for larger houses with cooking teams that require some flexibility.

Meal Grid Models: If your house requires lots of flexibility, and people are not able to cook on the same night of the week, a meal grid helps plan both cooking and eating. Check out the examples from the Beehive and the Cherry Tree Fort.



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